Sacred Rose Healing - The Essential Course

Prepares you to be a best-in-class sacred rose healer. Unlike other energy healing modalities, no attunements are required to work with roses. Everything you need to be a sacred rose healer is right here in this course!

In this course, you will learn how to facilitate self-rose healing ceremonies as well as how to perform sacred rose healing ceremonies on others.

Upon completion of all course modules, you will receive a Sacred Rose Healing certification from Sacred Stairways Healing, LLC.

Who should enroll in this sacred rose healing course?

The Sacred Rose Healing course is perfect for:

  1. Nurses
  2. Massage Therapists
  3. Reiki Practitioners
  4. Intuitives
  5. Acupuncturists
  6. People looking to enhance their self-care practices
  7. New energy healing practitioners
  8. And others...

The History of Sacred Rose Healing

As the story goes, this healing modality was channeled by a man in Mexico who was grieving the imminent loss of his son to a terminal illness. After persistent prayers to the patron saint, he was guided to hold roses above the boy’s body. They each swung wildly, signaling to the man that he should lay them there. Upon waking the next morning, he saw his son playing in the room and completely healed, while the roses were on the ground shriveled up. They soaked up the illness and negative energy throughout the night!

In 2019, Sacred Rose Healing was brought to the United States by two beautiful healers who trained me in this powerful healing modality. Now, I'm thrilled to be able to train you in this essential rose healing course.

Reviews from some of our past students:

"I’m super excited to have completed certification for Sacred Rose Healing. This session is beyond powerful and works with the beauty and energy of roses. Thank you to Adam for facilitating this wonderful class! I’m beyond excited to now offer this healing modality to my clients!! 🌹🙌🏼♥️ Stay tuned for details on sessions!! - Stacie


"Today was such a beautiful healing experience with rose🌹 medicine. Forever grateful, thank you Adam for spreading this amazing and powerful teaching 🙌🥀" - Pamela


"Oh roses, how I love them! I was recently blessed to experience a Rose healing ceremony with Adam Dince and now all I want to do is surround myself with them." - Kelly


"Such a beautiful class! I can't wait to do sacred rose healing ceremonies for everyone 🌹🌹🌹" - Octavia


"I am so grateful!!! Yesterday I completed a class and received my certification for Sacred Rose healing! Let me just say I have a new interpretation of the terms 'give yourself flowers'… 'buy yourself flowers'…. I can’t explain the experience I had being able to hold space for a rose ceremony while watching someone go thru stages of healing right before my eyes, watching someone’s spirit release so many energy blockers while their spirit gets lighter and lighter … it’s such a sacred ceremony and I honestly can not wait to offer it to all of you!!! My new office space is going to have so many new healing opportunities and I’m so excited to share them with you all! ❤️❤️

Thank you Adam Dince for being a wonderful teacher!!! ❤️❤️" - Tanya


Rose Healing Client
Become a Certified Rose Healer

After you complete this course, you'll receive a certificate from Sacred Stairways Healing, certifying you as a Sacred Rose Healing Practitioner.

Grow Your Healing Practice

Add sacred rose healing to other modalities such as Reiki and Healing Touch to expand your repertoire and attract new clients.

Heal Yourself With Rose Healing

Self-rose healing ceremonies are a beautiful way to honor yourself and enhance your self-care practice.

Hi, I’m Adam--your Sacred Rose Healing instructor

I'm a sacred rose healer, Reiki Master Teacher, hypnotherapist, spiritual advisor, and sacred medicine man who resides in beautiful Stillwater, Minnesota. I own and operate Sacred Stairways Healing, LLC.

I've been actively facilitating Sacred Rose Healing for the past three years and it's one of my most requested healing modalities.

I sincerely hope that sacred rose healing becomes a meaningful part of your healing practice. 

Interview with Edge Magazine about our Sacred Rose Healing Course

Curious about incorporating rose healing into your energy work? There's no better opportunity to explore the mystical world of rose healing than through the guidance of Reiki Master Adam Dince, a renowned sacred rose healer, hypnotherapist, spiritual advisor, and sacred medicine man. Adam's extensive experience and expertise make him the perfect mentor to help you unlock the secrets of this transformative healing art. With his new course, "Sacred Rose Healing," you can become a certified Sacred Rose Healer and expand your offerings as an energy practitioner.

The Sacred Rose Healing course is designed to cater to a diverse range of individuals, from nurses and massage therapists to Reiki practitioners, intuitives, acupuncturists, and even those simply looking to enhance their self-care practices. Whether you're a seasoned energy worker or just beginning your journey in the world of healing, this course offers valuable insights and training that will empower you to harness the incredible potential of rose healing.

Adam Dince's journey into the world of rose healing is a fascinating one, and he shares his personal story and insights on how this ancient practice transformed his life in this short video. In his own words, he explains how the energy of roses became an integral part of his healing journey and why he is passionate about teaching others to do the same. 

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Don't miss this chance to expand your knowledge and tap into the healing power of roses. Sign up today at and begin your transformative journey towards becoming a certified Sacred Rose Healer.